A little history

Having always had an interest in computer technology I was the ‘cursed’ one to be constantly asked to fix hardware and software issues. Turns out though, the curse was a hidden blessing; developing me to be a reliable troubleshooter and problem solver. The majority of my professional career was working in a wholesale clothing company as a logistics manager and even there I also built their website and set up the initial computer network.

I’m an all-rounder but am particularly interested in working with a creative team on projects that help to improve people's everyday life through home/life automation, so get in touch!


Here is my resume where you can get a brief overview of my software engineering achievements.

More about me

I love seeing technology evolve and am always looking out for things to tinker with. I spend alot of time benchmarking computer components and seeing how far i can overclock my parts.
I also really appreciate good audio production and the details artists put into music/movie sound design. I enjoy listening to different speakers/headphones for the different nuances that each design offer, not afraid to play around and modify the internals.

I put a great deal of care into my projects, the small details are where the really good stuff is.

Even more about me

For the more physical activities.
Rock climbing and Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) are the sports i love to train in my spare time, i'm particularly obsessed with perfecting technique and being efficient with my energy as i'm not the most athletic person.