The journey begins

August 2021, I decided to pursue the journey to become a software engineer.
After doing my research and asking developers already in the field for their recommendations on getting started, I concluded that joining General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive course was the right fit for me.

The course is a crash course that covers all the fundamental principles of programming and has a high success rate of producing quality students that are ready for the workforce right after graduation.

Joining General Assembly

GA taught everything to get you started into programming, being a very time intensive and thorough program it covers all the fundamental key practices and implemented real-life scenarios that we would encounter in the work force.
Every day we learnt something new and outside school hours was spent on honing those skills.

My first project

Into our third week, we had been taught HTML/CSS and were still challenged with Javascript problems to solve. We were then given 4 days to complete a Tic Tac Toe game, being set free to find the solution ourselves to code the games win conditions, DOM traversal for client side and design of the game.

After completing the a functional MVP i had a few days to figure out what i wanted to do to customise it and i decided to incorporate one of my favourite past time video games into the mix; Street Fighter. Some extra flair i added was a soundtrack, character animations and SFX. The animations were done using a set of gifs and commanding functions with specific setTimeOuts depending on the animations length.

Feel free to check it out

Let's learn backend programming

For the next few weeks we started to switch programming language and learn Ruby
At first it was a bit daunting having to learn new the new syntax but looking back it was pretty amazing what you can automatically start to pickup and code within 2 weeks.
Switching programming languages made us realize the differences of what languages have to offer and that fundamentally they all offer very similar things. The fundamentals we learnt from Javascript easily carried over to Ruby. My next project we were tasked to create a CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) website; implementing a server and getting familiar with SQL for database implementation.

Things to come

I'm not exactly sure what's next to come, but i'm very keen to get out there and see programmers at work. I would love to work in a team that would be willing to teach and guide me to better practices, finding new problems to solve and guiding me to be the best programmer i can become.
If you're interested in adding me to your tribe, feel free to get in contact with me below.