Studying at General Assembly

General Assembly was an intense 3 month immersive course which is designed to develop someone with no programming background to become a full stack developer. They taught me the fundamentals of programming and computer science within such a short time. It definitely had it's challenges, but it's given me a thirst for more knowledge.

This is just the start of my journey and i have a few more projects in mind i would like to work on in the future.

Tic Tac Fighter

Tic Tac Toe Fighter game was created as my first project at General Assembly. Built using CSS, JavaScript and HTML Street Fighter inspired, features included: added life bars for characters, function animation delays, CSS animations, sound effects and music.

Hearthstone Card Maker

Hearthstone Card Maker implements a database where you can customize your own cards add an image and it will create a card using a template for you to view. There is also a login and signup to store user data using Bcrypt for password encryption.
Server side is done using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Postgres and CSS.

Plan to come back to this and really polish up the CSS and use a canvas to fix the card display the second time through. But for now, enjoy!

Game Night

Game Night is an online scattergories game created in a team of 4 people using Node.js. Using the skills we had learnt so far we implemented a database able to connect players together according to the game names and added custom features to add more categories to your games.

Squid Game

Working on the "Game Night" project above - we decided to use a polling method, making the website automatically refresh to update the status of the players.
I saw the limitations of our choice and so for my next project i wanted to use websockets for almost real time responses from the server.

Websockets wasn't covered in the curriculum but i had a real interest in how it worked so I committed to researching and learning something independently. The main challenge i found doing this project was that in my mockup all of the gameplay updates were done client side manipulating the DOM.
However i had to figure out how to store each clients information, specifically their live position onto the server and then share that information across all clients.

More to come

This is just the beginning of my programming journey and there will be more projects to come :)